Referral of a university professor in Saudi Arabia for investigation after a recording containing “offensive statements to his students”


On Thursday, Saudi Arabia’s Taif University announced the summons of one of its professors to investigate statements he made that sparked controversy on social media, in which he showed his bias towards female students, and some saw in them abuse of male students.

The professor had said during an online lecture, “The students I trample on them trample the correct one, but the girls do not.. My heart does not give me,” which sparked widespread controversy, causing the emergence of the hashtag # University_doctor_opposing_students among the top topics on Twitter in Saudi Arabia.

Taif University said in a statement that “a reference to the clip circulating on the social media platforms of a faculty member at Taif University, which includes offensive and unacceptable expressions towards his students; the university confirms its rejection of this individual behavior that does not represent the university and its employees.”

In its statement, the university confirmed, “The faculty member has been referred to the investigation to take legal measures against him. The results of the investigation will be announced in due course.”

One of them commented on the matter, saying, “If you look for more, you will receive 70% of university doctors like him, but they do not speak.”

Another said, “The students of Taif University are going through difficult times because their doctor is unjust and biased towards females, and he even describes himself as a stalker of children.”

“I hope that all universities do not differentiate between men and women,” said a tweeter.

One of the tweeters defended the professor, saying, “I was withdrawing from your university for postgraduate studies (paid), meaning with money, but because of this doctor I got excited about the university and I have now completed a year; God bless him and protect him; Dr. Khaled is distinguished and he loves students at the university and education; I wished for the remaining tram.”

Another demanded that the professor be punished in his own way, saying that “it is supposed to deduct 50% of the monthly salary for a whole year, and review the grades of male and female students who studied with him and are still studying… Such is the one who ensures that a student did not fall intentionally, and exceeds a student who does not deserve to succeed.” “.

There were conflicting accounts about the identity of the professor, who some said was teaching commercial law at the university, while some said that the teacher of that subject was someone else.


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