Real Madrid’s train continues its impressive run and tramples Mallorca with a six


sweep Rial Madrid his guest Rial Mallorca result 6-1، in a match The two teams that erected evening Wednesday On Stadium Santiago Bernabeu, within competitions round Sixth from league Hispanic.

and presented variety the coach Italian Carlo Ancelotti casually offensive wonderful, And connected her brilliance During season running to confirm readiness to compete On nicknames.

وتقدم meringue with a goal early in a the minute the third from age the match About Way a star French radiant Generous Benzema, to impose the team his control absolute On Happenings Meeting Ago the beginning.

and in the minute 24، he added Hispanic Marco Asensio Target meringue The second, let it go quickly what trim Rial Mallorca the difference distance that a minute one with a goal from Signature Mine Kang that.

let it go is back Asensio again to expand the difference ويضيف Target the third للفريق royalist in a the minute 29، to end up the half the first in progress meringue difference brace.

and in the half The second, Complete Asensio his triple with a goal in a the minute 55، in a when achieved Benzema Target The second for him والخامس for his team in a the minute 78.

واختتم maker the games Hispanic Isco hexagonal the team royalist in a the minute 84 distance that حل substitute for Marco Asensio.

وبهذه The result the petition, square Rial Madrid On forefront ranking league Hispanic with a score 16 Point, And with a difference 2 points About neighbor and his opponent Atletico Madrid owner Center The second. While Mallorca’s balance froze at 8 points in tenth place.

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