Rawan bin Hussein in a quantum leap that does not sing me


The Kuwaiti actress launchedRawan bin Hussein Her second song, “La Tghneli”, is written by Mohamed Saeed Hareb, composed by Adham, arranged by Nour Hashem, mix and mastering by Taif Adel.
The song is rhythmic, in which Rawan Al-Habib emulates a sense and an able performance. It is also closer to the abstaining plain in terms of speech, melody and distribution, as it moved from one syllable to another smoothly and lightly.
As for the clip, which was directed by the song’s writer, Muhammad Saeed Hareb, he tried to present Rawan in a different way, especially through the looks that he adopted of hairdos, makeup and clothes in a scene of multiple decor, not to mention the graphics technology and meanings that the director portrayed through the image of the heart and repeated eyes.
This work constitutes a qualitative leap for Rawan and is a gift to the followers.


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