PUBG Newstate, the upgraded version of the PUBG Mobile game with its details, get it and enjoy playing in harmony


If you are looking for the new PUBG New State, or as some people call it “New PUBG”, “PUBG 2” or “PUBG New Style”, then through the next lines we will explain to you the details about the game, the “Krafton” company The company that developed and produced the PUBG Mobile game, announced the launch of a new version of the PUBG game, or as some call it PUBG 2 or the marketing name: “PUBG New State.”

Here are now the most important details of the new PUBG game, how to download it, and the requirements to run it.

Bibi neostat

Recently, there have been many different reports from PUBG players around the world about a number of problems with the PUBG Mobile game, including: the slowness of the game, which has helped many people to appear in bagt applications, and many players have started looking for ways to speed up the Internet with PUBG Mobile.

But to no avail and then many players began to withdraw from the game permanently.

New development of pubg neostate

Tencent has entered into an agreement with Krafton, which is the same manufacturer that developed the PUBG game by releasing a new form of the PUBG Mobile game.

And the new version will bear the name “pubg new state” or “pubg 2,” or as it is called the new pubg game.

The PUBG Mobile game will remain next to this version, and whoever wants the old game can play the new version, and whoever wants the new one can also play it.

The events of the new PUBG game take place in the year 2051 and are based on the background of the Royal Battle, or (battles) like the usual theme from the PUBG Mobile game, which is a number of 100 players who play and fight for each other until the number is reduced and one person or one team wins.


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