Professor of Immunology: Viruses mutate a billion times a day, and we expect the worst from Corona


Dr. Abdel Hadi Mosbah, a professor of immunology, said that the nature of viruses is that they mutate continuously and rapidly, being a living organism that struggles to continue life, and he continued: “It takes from the person who infects him the strongest in him in order to reproduce after the DNA cell is broken down.” It is said that these viruses mutate a billion times a day, so we expect the worst from them.”

And “Masbah”, during a meeting with the “From Egypt” program, presented by the media, Amr Khalil, via the “cbc” channel, that there is a state of inaction on the part of citizens in following health measures to confront the Corona virus, despite the great efforts made by the state to protect citizens. And he continued, “This state of inaction can take us backwards.”And “Masbah” pointed out that, starting from this month and next month, there will be cases of corona, and it will appear in the elderly and children, and we must take all precautionary measures in order to protect our children, and he continued: “80% of the infected will not have complications, but we have to follow the procedures medical for it.


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