President Emmanuel Macron asks forgiveness from the Algerian Harkis who collaborated with French colonialism


pro-French kinetic elements

picture released, Holton Archive

French President Emmanuel Macron has asked forgiveness from the Algerians who fought alongside France during the war to liberate Algeria from French colonialism in 1962 and are known as the Harki.

And invited to the French presidential palace – the Elysee – Monday, about 300 movement and their grandchildren, in light of calls from the organizations that represent them to raise the value of the compensation allocated to them, which amounts to 40 million euros.

Nearly 200,000 Harkis fought alongside France’s colonial army in the bloody 1954-1962 war against Algeria’s National Liberation Front.

France was accused of abandoning the Harki, which led to the killing of tens of thousands of them at the hands of the National Liberation Front, which describes the Harki as traitorous agents.


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