Pre-orders for the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch start on September 24


Earlier this year, Nintendo announced an OLED version of the popular Switch, and this new version is set to go on sale on October 8. Now, pre-orders for the OLED Switch are set to begin on September 24th.

The Japanese tech giant announced earlier today (September 9, 2021) that the OLED version of the Switch will be available for pre-orders later this month at a price of 37,980 yen (about $345 USD).

Aside from including a new OLED screen, the new version of the device does not include any major changes. Although it has slightly improved performance, the battery life is still 9 hours similar to the original Switch.

Other changes include a slightly taller and heavier chassis compared to the original, with the OLED version weighing 320 grams above the original’s 290 grams.

Meanwhile, other specs include a 7-inch screen, a new design with easily adjustable angle, increased storage capacity of up to 64GB, and new speakers that deliver better sound quality when used in handheld mode.

As of now, it appears that Nintendo isn’t planning to release a gaming console anytime soon, so this might be the best Switch alternative to buy.



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