Pictures .. Mahmoud Nasr accompanied by Khaled Al-Nabawi: “We have resolved the dispute”


Posted by the Syrian star Mahmoud Nasr A photo via his official account on the social networking site “Instagram” collected by the Egyptian star Khaled Al Nabawi The two stars seemed very happy to meet them again after a long absence.
And the two stars brought back memories of the series “Kingdoms of Fire”, where the battle between them was at its most intense, so Mahmoud joked with the audience, stressing that he had pardoned Khaled and said in his comment on the photo: “I changed my mind and decided to pardon Tuman Bay, instead of commenting on Bab Zuweila, we resolved the dispute and visited him. In his house in the splendid Egypt…”.
Mahmoud Nasr added: “Thank you for hosting the beautiful Khaled Al-Siddiq, the loving people, as well as all the loving people of Egypt…and I hope that our second meeting will be in our beloved Syria…”.
The photos received great admiration from the followers, who wished that the two stars would meet for another work again.
In turn, the star Khaled Al-Nabawy published the photo that he gathered with Mahmoud through his account on “Instagram” and said in his comment on the photo, joking Mahmoud: “Sultan Selim visited me on the guarded land. Beloved Syria.
Mahmoud and Khaled had co-starred in the series “Kingdoms of Fire”, where the work achieved great success when it was shown.
On the other hand, Mahmoud is currently attending the championship of the short series “60 Minutes”, which is shown on the “Shahid” platform, where this work is his first series in the Egyptian dialect and the work is a great success, while Mahmoud is widely praised for his mastery of the role and the Egyptian dialect.

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