People no longer care about statements, tweets, or press conferences.


Waiting for concrete measures that launch the promised reforms and put an end to the living suffering that has become beyond all imagination, the Lebanese are spending their days in a struggle with lost time, which some politicians fill with empty talk and gossip that has become disgusting.

People are no longer interested in statements, tweets, or press conferences, and they no longer care about bids between political forces and personalities, just as they no longer care about all the arrogance of civil society and the revolution, nor the other slogans that are offered for circulation in the political market, which has become devoid of pioneers.

All that matters to people today is to start translating the promises and following them up until they are fulfilled, and it seems that their aspirations in this context still intersect with the vision of the international community, according to the equation “no aid before reforms” that the Macron-Mikati meeting renewed its dedication yesterday, so that it seems that it has become an inevitable fate. All those who have obstructed reforms for decades have to face it.

Today, the Free Patriotic Movement saw that the birth of the government gave the Lebanese hope that the country would enter a phase of relative stability and stop the collapse. As for the rise and restoration of confidence, they require the government to assume its responsibilities by developing and implementing a financial recovery plan and carrying out reforms, starting with criminal scrutiny, restructuring the banking sector, saving depositors’ money and distributing losses. With justice and a transparent and realistic budget for 2022 that takes into account the adoption of radical financial reforms, provided that the House of Representatives goes along with this by approving the laws of capital control, disclosing the accounts of those in charge of public service, and recovering the money smuggled abroad.

In a statement to its political body, the current affirmed that it will follow up on these issues with the government and pursue everything related to providing a social safety net by starting to work with the financing card and supporting employees in parallel with raising subsidies and providing the maximum amount of energy through the Electricité du Liban after the lies were exposed and it was found that the waste The real thing is in preventing the corporation from producing electricity and depleting reserves by purchasing diesel for generators, not to mention the ever-increasing rise in generator bills that citizens cannot afford.

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