Paris Saint-Germain announces Messi’s injury


Paris Saint-Germain announces Messi's injury

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The French club Paris Saint-Germain announced in an official statement today that Lionel Messi, the star of the team, suffers from a bruise in the bones of the foot.

According to the medical statement issued by the club, the x-rays that were conducted on him showed a bruise in the bones of the foot.

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And the French club revealed that another x-ray will be carried out after 48 hours for more details.

And it became expected that Messi will miss the next match of the Parisian club in the French League, without specifying his position on the subsequent matches with his club and Argentina.

Signs of a crisis appeared in the club when the Argentine star refused to shake hands with his compatriot Mauricio Pochettino, the coach of Paris Saint-Germain, during the confrontation with his guest Olympique Lyon on Sunday, at the top of the sixth round of the French League.

And that is when Messi left the field while the result was a 1-1 draw, as Lucas Paqueta advanced to the visitors in the 54th minute, and Neymar Jr. equalized from a penalty kick, in the 66th minute, and then Argentine striker Mauro Icardi grabbed the winning goal for the Parisian team when The match was breathing its last at the Princes’ Garden.

Source: twitter/PSG_inside


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