One day your iPhone will hack your mental state and know if you will commit suicide


If you deal with your iPhone harshly, such as clicking on the apps and services that appear on its screen with increasing violence, for example, or making more typos in your text messages, or using it at a time when you are supposed to be asleep, or delaying more than usual in responding On communications and communication with others, a sophisticated sensor technology in your small device will know that you are in a dangerous psychological condition, which may develop into depression with which you may even commit suicide, according to the plans for what the iPhone will be like in the near future, summarized by the American newspaper “The Wall Street Journal” in a report yesterday. .

Through a monitoring and sensing technology, developed by researchers from Apple in cooperation with the University of California, Los Angeles, as well as with researchers from Biogen Inc for pharmaceuticals and biotechnology in the United States, the “iPhone” will monitor your sleep pattern and behavior, with others and with him in private. And it will analyze the way you write, the time you use it, and it will identify what information you are looking for, and it will penetrate your psychological state with distinction.

It was reported by leaking development plans for what will be the future “iPhones” that will not be far away, according to what “Al” concluded from news received today in the British newspaper “The Times”, summarizing what its American counterpart said, that the University of California, known by the letters UCLA for short, will study Cases of stress, anxiety and depression, while Biogen will focus on researching cases of cognitive impairment of users of the device, to know their psychological and health conditions in general, which benefits Apple in its quest to take advantage of health-related sensors in its devices, especially depression, anxiety and tension.

Handling the data of 3,000 people

The joint scientific team deals with the data of 3,000 people this year, tracking it with the “iPhone” camera, keyboard and sound sensors and integrating it with information about facial expressions that appear on the Apple Watch as well as on the phone, mostly about movement, sleep and vital signs. collected and related to related mental health issues, Biogen Inc will create an app that will warn the user if they are at risk, and advise them to seek a professional.

And Apple announced last week that exercises known as Pilates for fitness, as well as “yoga” classes and group physical exercises, will form part of a wave of applications that “Al” brought to the news of some, and focus on health, as new features to attract customers, which made the share price of The company Peloton, which produces fitness equipment, and the stock of its American citizen, Weight Watchers, is declining on the stock exchanges.

He will know what weighs your back and you suffer from it alone silently, and many of his type are ignorant of it, including you in particular

He will know what weighs your back and you suffer from it alone silently, and many of his type are ignorant of him, including you in particular

The reason for the rapid and unsurprising decline of the two giant companies’ shares is that the markets considered the new versions of the applications as competing alternatives to the brands of the two famous health companies, and other similar companies in other countries, because the fitness application is a free exercise built into the iPhone as well as the iPad, in addition to its presence on the Apple Watch and provides the user with information about calories and activity levels, which are the most important.


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