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After he recently disappeared from the German media, the name of the former German national team player, Mesut Ozil, returned to the headlines in Germany, after he published on his account on Twitter, a picture of him with a German politician and attached it to phrases, which were enough to open the door for criticism from New to the former playmaker of the German national team and world champion in football in 2014.

Those who follow Ozil’s account on Twitter see that most of his tweets are either in English or Turkish, but in his last tweet he chose to write in German. The son of the German city of Gelsingerchen enclosed his photo with the German writer and politician, Jürgen Todenhöfer, with the following phrases: “My meeting with the bravest politicians in Germany. When I had a difficult time at the World Cup three years ago, he stood by me and now I stand by him. On September 26th I will choose Todenhofer team. Good luck.” For his part, the German politician, Todenhöfer, responded shortly afterwards to Ozil’s tweet and wrote on his Twitter account that he and Ozil were planning to write a book together: “It will be a surprise.” “.

Who is the controversial politician?

The sympathy of the former German football player, Mesut Ozil, with this controversial political figure in Germany, angered many, and Ozil put himself in the crosshairs again. Who is it, Jürgen Todenhofer?

Jürgen Todenhofer, 80, has been a journalist, writer, and former member of the Christian Democratic Union for nearly fifty years. The German politician justified his withdrawal from Merkel’s party because of the tasks entrusted to the German army abroad.

Jürgen Todenhoff's meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2012

Jürgen Todenhoff’s meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in 2012

Todenhöfer is among the controversial politicians and writers in Germany and the Western world in general, according to the description of the German newspaper Bild, because of his writings “based on conspiracy theories and his closeness to Islamists and dictators, after meeting many personalities that the West finds unpopular, including the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad In addition to his meeting with a leader of the Islamic State (ISIS), Todenhofer is also pursuing accusations of anti-Semitism, according to the newspaper. The German politician established a new party, and his party will run in the German parliamentary elections for this year 2021.

Ozil in the crosshairs of criticism again!

Mesut Ozil’s tweet about the German writer and politician turned into a rich material for the German press, some of which criticized the player’s revelation of “his desire to vote in the German parliamentary elections, on September 26, 2021 in favor of the party, which Todenhofer founded. In this regard, the German newspaper “Die Welt” wrote in its comment on the tweet of the former German football player, Mesut Ozil: “In fact, Mesut Ozil has not tweeted in German since his retirement from playing with the German national team. But he is now making a recommendation for the German parliamentary elections. He has experience with pictures of politicians.”

The German newspaper “Bild”, in turn, criticized the 32-year-old German player, and wrote in its comment: “It seems that he has not learned anything from the past. Now the Fenerbahce player has published another picture with a controversial politician, Jürgen Todenhofer. Islam Affairs Ahmed Mansur, in a comment carried by the newspaper “Bild”, said that Ozil’s behavior is “a natural and consistent development, even after he met Erdogan at that time”, and that it did not surprise him, adding: “He has always been in such circles.”

On the other hand, the German newspaper, “Kreis Zeitung”, criticized the way Ozil was dealt with, and wrote in its comment: “Opinions are divided about him. He is a star for some, and an unwanted person for others. But what kind of treatment does Mesut Ozil deserve?” And the newspaper continued in its commentary: “The truth is that the 32-year-old former national team player is a wonderful football player. But also a personality about which opinions differ. But is it the right way to deal with a player who was playing in Germany?” The newspaper criticized the violent reaction of the German fans, during the first match of the European League group stage, which he played with his club, Besiktas, as they threw the German star, bottles of drinks, in protest against his retirement from representing the “Manchester” team three years ago.“.

Respect the other side of the player!

And the same newspaper added that Ozil, “like any other person, has the right to choose the person or party he wants to represent in the elections. He can also take pictures with whomever he wants – even if he could avoid the criticism leveled at him after Erdogan’s pictures. Or perhaps he should have He should avoid that. Opinions can also be divided about his sympathy for Jürgen Todenhofer. The problem is that with the stars, private matters quickly turn into a public debate and everyone opens their mouths afterwards. But we have to look at the other side of the coin.“.

It is noteworthy that Ozil contributed to the victory of the German national team in the 2014 World Cup, but his level has declined since then and completed his move to Fenerbahce from Arsenal, after winning with Arsenal three times the FA Cup..

Photo of Ozil with Erdogan

Ozil’s photo with Erdogan opened the door to criticism before the World Cup in Russia!

Ozil, who played 92 games with the “Manschaft” and scored 23 goals and contributed to making 40 goals, angered the Germans for taking a picture in 2018 with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who came to the defense of the Turkish player, considering what was issued against the latter “unacceptable” and “” Racist”. It was not the first time that Mesut Ozil was photographed with Turkish President Recep Tayyip ErdoganOzil had previously appeared with Erdogan, but his last photo with the Turkish president, before the start of the World Cup in Russia, aroused a lot of interest. While some criticized Ozil for “supporting an authoritarian ruler,” others accused him of “disloyalty to Germany.”“.

In the World Cup in Russia, the German team left the championship from the first round, which was considered the biggest failure in the history of the German team’s participation in the World Cup finals. As a result, former German Football Association President Reinhard Grindel considered that Ozil’s silence on the issue of his meeting with Erdogan weighed the team’s burden. Grindel’s statements were met with criticism from the political and sports circles, while Ozil considered that he was being used as a “scapegoat”. In an interesting statement, on his Twitter account, Mesut Ozil announced in 2018 his official retirement from the German national team, and wrote: “I am a German when we win, and an immigrant when we lose.”

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