Once again, Najwa Karam spoke to the public after the news of her marriage date spread. This is what she did from inside her garden (video)


The star Najwa Karam announced her joining the world of “Tik Tok” through a funny video clip that she posted on her account on the “Instagram” application. In the video, she was seen picking figs and grape clusters from her own garden, mourning the wasp that spoiled the season and left nothing for her.

“Shams of the Lebanese Song” drew attention with her gracefulness in casual clothes as she moved between the vineyards, and said in her spontaneous way: “I knew that Tik Tok was fond of, why did the hornet kick us from the grapes of the year, while we were racing and the hornet ate them all.”

Najwa invited her fans to follow her on her new account.

This comes after Najwa’s technical successes on the one hand, in addition to the news that accompanied her over the past period about her upcoming marriage to a Gulf businessman, which Najwa has not confirmed or denied until now.


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