On the anniversary of the departure of Fouad Al-Muhandis.. Shwikar’s daughter tells of a humanitarian situation for him (video) | news


Menna Al-Gawaherji, the daughter of the artist Shwikar, confirmed that the late Fouad Al-Muhandis was like her father and told an influential position that brought her together.

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In a telephone interview with the media, Heba Maher, on the “8 Al-Sabah” program broadcast on DMC, Al-Jawaherji said that Fouad Al-Muhandis considered her like his daughter and that she learned from him generosity, respect and preserving her family.

Menna Al-Gawaherji also revealed a humanitarian situation that brought her together, as she wanted to enroll in the College of Media and was unable to, because of her total high school grades.

Al-Jawaherji continued, “I was entering the Faculty of Information and I couldn’t because of the difference of 2%, and he was a professor at Cairo University, and he had the right to 5%, so he took me and went to the president of the university, and he welcomed him and agreed that he takes my paper, and when he looked at the paper, he said, “This is not your daughter.” He’s going to change my name and write it on his own.”

She also said that Fouad Al Mohandes was a very punctual person, but he used to tell them funny stories.

On the reasons for the separation of Fouad Al-Mohandes and Shwikar, she explained that she did not know the reason, but the relationship between the two continued even after the separation.

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