On his birthday, the Egyptian-Canadian actor Mina Massoud continues his brilliance towards the world


Shaima Ahmed Farouk

Posted on: Friday, September 17, 2021 – 3:17 PM | Last update: Friday 17 September 2021 – 3:17 PM

Today – September 17, the Egyptian-Canadian artist Mina Massoud celebrates his 29th birthday.

Massoud had achieved global public fame, especially among young people, after the movie Aladdin, with American star Will Smith and Naomi Scott, and his artistic steps continued, whether in Egypt or at the global level, we review some of them in the following lines..

– In Ezz El Dahr.. The first Egyptian movie
Aladdin’s magic carpet has arrived in Egypt for Mina Masoud to play his first role in a new Egyptian movie titled In the Back, and the film is produced by Single Films. It is Mark Adel’s first directing experience, and the first script written by young actor Karim Sorour.

The cast officially includes Mina Massoud, along with Mahmoud Hegazy, Mohamed Ezz, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Ahmed Gamal Said, Ihab Fahmy, Hana Zahid, and Mirna Nour El Din.

The film’s organizers revealed the official poster for it, and that it reached the montage stage last August, and the poster showed a state of suspense and excitement related to the work story, according to the statements of its makers, as a man appeared with his back passing through a narrow tunnel, consisting of high-rise buildings and trying to run out of it.

Various art projects
The 29-year-old actor is enjoying a state of artistic activity, because he is participating in the second part of the famous movie Aladdin, after the great success of the first part that was released in the summer of 2019, and the makers of the work have not decided after a deadline for its release in cinemas, despite the official launch in Filmed in February 2021, directed by Guy Ritchie, according to CinemaBlind.com.

Masoud also joined the new Netflix romantic comedy The Royal Treatment as Prince Thomas with American actress Laura Marano as Isabella, and the film directed by Rick Jacobson and the film revolves around Prince Thomas, who completes his marriage ceremony to a member of the royal family, but then meets Isabella When she styles his hair at the wedding and he falls in love with it, according to Emirati art magazine Flair.

– Mena Massoud’s book about food
Mena Massoud published a culinary book called “Evolving Vegan” in September 2020, which consists of a selection of diverse, delicious and affordable vegetarian recipes, inspired by dishes from around the world with a focus on North America.

It is noteworthy that Mina Masoud is a Canadian actor of Egyptian origin, born in 1992 in Cairo to Egyptian parents, and raised in Ontario, Canada, and moved to live between the Canadian city of Toronto and the American city of Los Angeles.

His artistic debut began in 2011 through the movie What Happens Next, and the cartoon series The 99, and gained wide fame after joining the cast of the Canadian-American series Open Heart, which was produced in 2015, then participated in the movie Strange but True, with American actresses Amy Ryan, Greg Kinnear and Nick Robinson, and his biggest move was when he was chosen to portray the character of Aladdin through Disney’s remake of the movie Aladdin in 2019.


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