Officially, the price of the iPad mini 6 and the iPad mini 6 in Jarir Saudi Arabia.. the departure has finally arrived


iPad mini 6 price The official iPad Mini 6 in Saudi Arabia from Jarir Bookstore, Jarir Bookstore made pre-order available for the iPad mini 6, which was recently introduced by Apple as part of its conference for the year 2021, in which it announced the launch of a number of powerful devices, the iPhone 13 iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 13 pro iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 13 pro max This is in addition to the apple watch 7, and we previously published an article titled iPhone 13 Pro Max official price in Saudi Arabia at Jarir.

iPad mini 6 iPad mini 6 price in Jarir Saudi Arabia

2349 riyals For the 64 GB Wi-Fi version

3049 riyals For the fifth generation network version of 64 GB.

Jarir advertised about iPad mini 6 price iPad 6 mini in Saudi Arabia and the colors of the devices available for order are:


Meanwhile, the color is silver.

As well as rose gold.

Also blue and green.

iPad mini 6 price
iPad mini 6 price

iPad 6 mini iPad 6 mini specifications

Screen size is 8.3 inches.

Meanwhile the device is running ipad ios 15.

Battery capacity up to 10 hours.

Weight is 293 grams.

The screen has a strong protection shield against bumps and scratches

Incorporate a USB-C port for charging and connect the device to your computer any time you want.

The new Apple device has a wonderful rear camera that can shoot with cinematic effects, including:

Expanding the cadre if a new person enters the camera, as well as focusing it if the presenter is only one person.

The camera automatically focuses on the person looking at it, and if someone looks at it, it focuses on the other person.

Meanwhile, the Apple device has an Apple Pencil that enables designers to turn their ideas into reality in just a few seconds.

Noticeable: The price is inclusive of value added tax

All you need to know about the pre-order system from Jarir

The order will arrive upon request today 17 September maximum by 24 September.

Two years warranty from Apple on the device.

At the same time, the customer has the right to pre-order only one device per one bank card.

The delivery time may vary based on the customer’s residence, but the device will arrive in Saudi Arabia at the time indicated above.

The maximum period for receiving the order is on October 7, 2021. In the event of non-compliance, the customer can cancel the order and get his money back in full.


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