Obeida Amir reveals the advice of the artist Angham to her| Video


Actress Obeida Amir, daughter of musician Amir Abdel Hamid, confirmed that her father refused her entry into the world of singing, saying: “Papa reluctantly agreed because Saidi race We have been with us all the time, and most of the works that my father composed were religious and supplications for the month of Ramadan, and some of them were sung by Sherine Abdel Wahab.”

The artist, Obeida Amir, added, during her interview with the media, Khairy Ramadan, and Karima Awad, on the Cairo Talk program broadcast on the Cairo and the People channel, that she did not study any field related to music and graduated from every faculty of media, revealing his relationship with the artist Angham, saying: I do not want the biggest of them. But I am raised in her lap, and when the family of the Cairo talk program called me, I was afraid and felt that I wanted to run over her and spoke to her so that she would give me a sense of safety.

And she added that when she wanted to enter the world of singing, she took the opinion of the artist Angham, saying: I told her I want to take your opinion on something, she told me, tell me, I told her I want to sing.. She replied, she said to me: O my soul, and she advised me to choose a respectable word and melody, and only the one who will deliver you for people.


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