Nour Miqdad publishes an old picture of her without a veil


(MENAFN– Khaberni) Khaberni – Nour Ghassan Miqdad, wife of Al-Waleed Miqdad, star of the “Birds of Paradise” channel, shared a photo of her from her childhood days on her own account on the “Instagram” website, which won the admiration of the followers. It was circulated by a number of pioneers.

Nour caught the eye with her innocent features and blue eyes, as she appeared smiling and with short hair, and it seemed from the pictures that there was a woman carrying her.

Nour commented on the pictures, saying: “Baby Nour.”

Followers saw that Nour was beautiful and still is, and among the comments: “Oh my life, God willing, you are cute than you are young”, “sweet when you are young and in old age, God willing”, “sweet and you are old and young”.

Al-Waleed Miqdad’s wife is “Noor Ghassan Miqdad.” She is the granddaughter of Khaled Miqdad’s uncle. She is 21 years old, the same age as Walid Miqdad. She was born in the Jordanian capital, Amman, and resides and studied in Kuwait. Al-Waleed Miqdad is one of the channel’s brightest stars since his childhood, and he is the eldest son of Khaled Miqdad. And it has great popularity.

This was the son of Khaled Miqdad, founder of the Birds of Paradise channel, the trend on the Google search engine after his marriage last Thursday, so that Al-Waleed Miqdad remains the talk of the social media.


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