Not a killer .. Facebook responds to the accusations against “Instagram”


The American company, “Facebook”, responded to reports that described its social networking site, “Instagram”, as fatal and affecting the mental health of children and adolescents.

And “Facebook” said in a report published by the specialized technical website “The Verge” that the data collected by “Facebook” does not reflect the real “Instagram” reality.

Pratiti Raichodhury, Facebook’s vice president and head of research at Facebook, described the way internal research was reported as inaccurate and misrepresented by the media.

And Facebook tried a lot to evade the contents of the study, which Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the company, ordered not to release to the public, in order not to affect the popularity of Instagram.

Raichoudi expressed her dissatisfaction with the disclosure of internal studies, which focused on a single point of the problems facing the Instagram platform without other problems.

The official refused to reveal the real data that the studies found, insisting that it was classified inside information.

In-depth research has shown that there is a huge problem with teenage mental health, while Facebook downplays this finding in public opinion.

According to the American Wall Street Journal, about a year ago, teen Anastasia Vlasova started seeing a therapist, after she developed an eating disorder due to the time she was spending on Instagram.

In March 2020, researchers noted that 32% of teenage girls feel bad about their body shape because of Instagram, and comparisons that can change how young women see themselves.

Over the past three years, Facebook has conducted studies of how Instagram affects young users, and the company’s researchers have repeatedly found that the app is particularly harmful to teenage girls.


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