No worries about the lack of team harmony if Russell joins


Many speculations indicate that Russell will join Mercedes from next season as a replacement for Valtteri Bottas, who has been driving with the Silver Arrows since 2017.

Hamilton and Bottas had a solid working relationship that was the key to helping the team win all the titles during their time together.

Russell excelled during his time with Williams despite the team’s mediocre car, and perhaps his best result was a second place in the controversial Belgium Grand Prix, thanks to an amazing lap in qualifying on a wet circuit.

AndMax Verstappen spoke earlier, noting that Russell’s entry, “would make it more difficult” for Hamilton.Hamilton’s former teammate, Nico Rosberg, revealed that Joining a young driver could mean a “heated up” situation within the team, between drivers.

But the seven-times world champion said there were no concerns about a potential fellowship between him and the young Briton, saying their relationship would be “very good”.

He said, “I think George is an amazing talent. He’s humble and has a great approach. He’s British by nature which makes it easy for us to communicate.”

“At the moment, I have to be very supportive of my current teammate, so I always support Valtteri, because we have work now. None of us can win the constructors’ title alone.”

“George is considered to be in the future of this sport. I think he’s already shown some amazing looks so far, I’m sure he will continue to progress.”

He added: “What better place for him than a great team like ours?”

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Hamilton will become the second-oldest driver in Formula One next season, and is currently in a fierce battle against Max Verstappen for the title.

Russell’s arrival may prove challenging for Hamilton, “but he doesn’t feel like he needs to prove anything”.

He said: “I competed against great drivers as teammates in my junior season alongside Fernando (Alonso), so yeah, I don’t really have anything to prove.”

He continued, “If I had a new teammate, it wouldn’t mean much to me because I’m at a different stage in my life. I’m excited about the arrival of the young drivers.”

“There are things we can learn from each other. I think it is important that respect and communication between us remain a basic rule.”

“We have a great working environment in our team, both in terms of work ethic and the way the team supports both drivers. That’s why we have a clear harmony in our team.”

“I think we’re a lot more prepared than in previous seasons. So, that’s not really my concern,” he concluded.




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