News 24 | The Ministry of the Interior: Execution of the death sentence as retribution for a citizen who killed another by shooting him in Abha


Ministry of Interior AffairsToday (Sunday) in the city of Abha, the Ministry of Interior executed a death sentence against a citizen who killed another by shooting him, which led to his death.

The ministry said that the so-called Jarab bin Musleh bin Dashan Al-Qahtani had killed Alan bin Hamed bin Nasser Al-Qahtani, and that the security authorities arrested the perpetrator, and the investigation resulted in him being charged with his crime.

She added that by referring the aforementioned offender to the Criminal Court, a deed was issued against him proving what was attributed to him and the ruling to kill him as retribution, and the ruling was upheld by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

She pointed out that a royal order was issued to enforce what was legally decided, and was supported by his reference, and the death sentence was carried out as retribution for the offender today in the city of Abha in the Asir region.


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