News 24 | Learn about the controls for operating and managing massage and relaxation centers to be implemented soon


massage centersThe Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing has launched a special project regarding the requirements that must be met in relaxation and body care centers.

The Ministry specified in the project the licensing controls, which include not starting the operation without a license, obtaining the approval of the competent authority (the Secretariat or the municipality) in the event of a desire to change the area of ​​the centers, and obtaining the approval of the General Directorate of Civil Defense.

The controls also stipulated that the site should conform to the license and the uses of the building, the necessity of displaying the municipal license to practice the activity in a prominent location in the centers, the necessity of canceling the license and obtaining a new license in the event of the centers moving to another location, and keeping the health control record that is issued with the license, provided that it is submitted The person in charge of the monitoring process at any visit except for the areas that apply the electronic health monitoring system.

The list of prohibitions to be avoided in these centers included the prohibition of activity after 12 p.m. unless after obtaining a special permit, with the exception of the blessed month of Ramadan and holidays, and not practicing activity outside the limits of the licensed center or using public sidewalks or reversion areas without a permit.

The controls included not contacting and accessing another nearby center or store unless the license of either of them stipulates that. It also prohibits violating the activity for which it was licensed, as well as preventing any change in the data or notes recorded in the registry, whether by scraping, erasing, removing, or any other way.

The ministry also set several requirements for workers, most notably restricting the management of the activity to full-time male and female citizens. The profession of the non-Saudi worker practicing massage should be a “massage technician”, and that the Saudi worker practicing massage should obtain a training course in massage or the like from any educational or training authority inside or outside the Kingdom.

The requirements also stipulate the necessity for workers to adhere to sound health practices, such as frequent hand washing, nail clipping, personal hygiene, and to stop work when any of the workers develop any disease symptoms, and all workers and beneficiaries must be women in women’s centers.

The ministry stressed that all workers and beneficiaries should be men in the men’s centers, while maintaining the cleanliness of the corners between the walls and both floors and ceilings, in addition to re-purifying all tools that are used in the centers after each use session, stressing the importance of adhering to spatial, technical and electrical controls when practicing This activity.


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