News 24 | After announcing their arrest… Integrity reveals what will happen with its employees involved in corruption cases


integrityThe official spokesman for the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority “Nazaha” revealed the measures that will be taken with the employees of the authority involved in the corruption cases that Nazaha revealed yesterday (Tuesday).

Ahmed Al-Hussein, during his speech on the “Saudi” channel, said that those involved in corruption cases were investigated, and the legal procedures are currently being completed to refer them to the competent court, as well as a request to sentence them to severe punishment against the background of the crimes they were charged with.

He stressed that there is no immunity for anyone in cases of financial and administrative corruption, regardless of his position or the entity in which he works, pointing out that the authority has the tools and mechanisms that enable it to uncover the facts of corruption committed by its employees, arrest them and refer them to the competent court.

It is reported that the Control and Anti-Corruption Authority announced yesterday Suspension of a non-commissioned officer, a retired colonel, and two employees For their involvement in corruption incidents represented in breach of their job and abuse of their influence.


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