News 24 | Actress Bilqis announces that she has hutch syndrome. What are her symptoms and her relationship to Corona? (Video)


Yemeni actress Bilqis The Yemeni artist, Balqis, revealed her suffering after suffering from “hutch syndrome”, during the curfew due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, explaining that she was worried and troubled, and wanted to know the condition in which she was living.

She explained, through the program “With You, Mona El-Shazly”, on the Egyptian “CBC” channel, that she was inclined to isolation and depression during the Corona period, and then began to return to normal life and people left their homes, but she could not get out and remained confined to the room and the house, I lost touch with society.

She added that she did not want to look at her face in the mirror, and wanted to stay under the covers all the time, and that she wondered what this failure she was experiencing, and she did not have the slightest energy even to see her family after the absence of 8 months from them, and she was not happy and required depression and a tendency to isolation, even Singing did not like it.

She indicated that she knew she had “shack syndrome” because of staying at home for a long time, which happens to many if they stay in secluded places for a long time, making it difficult for them to integrate into society.

Shack syndrome is a mental condition that includes psychological symptoms that a person suffers from when staying at home for a long time, and is described as a temporary feeling of negativity, isolation and detachment from the world, and is often associated with conditions such as natural disasters, social distancing, and the spread of epidemics, but it is not classified as a mental or psychological disorder.


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