News 24 | A consultant clarifies the conditions for entitlement to alimony.. In this case, the woman loses this right


expressive imageLegal Counsel Muhammad Al-Ezzi clarified when a woman is entitled to the maintenance expense, reviewing the cases in which she does not deserve to obtain it.

He said, during his meeting on the “Yahla” program on the Gulf Rotana channel, that there are conditions for the wife’s entitlement to alimony, the most prominent of which is that the marriage be valid and that the divorce was signed by the man without the consent of the wife, and finally that the wife should not be the reason for this divorce.

He explained that in the event of a defect in the marriage, such as the appearance of a defect in the man or the woman, this would forfeit the woman’s right to claim alimony, and he also stressed the possibility of filing a case to obtain alimony without divorce, in the event that the husband does not give his wife enough to live a decent life.

Al-Ezzi explained the criteria on which the court relies on approving alimony for the man, as he said that the judge can know the husband’s income and then estimate the value of alimony, but before that he presents the matter to experts to try to reach an agreed upon formula between the spouses regarding alimony, and if the husband refuses to do so The matter is escalated to the judge, who in turn begins to find out his income to estimate alimony.


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