New Facetime Improvements in iOS 15


iOS 15 brings a host of new improvements to the Facetime app for video chats between Apple devices.

Through the new improvements, Apple aims to make Facetime compete with the popular video chat applications that are often used in business and personal conversations.

The interest in video chat applications increased after the beginning of the Corona crisis, which forced everyone to apply social distancing.

Consequently, most of the conversations and visits are made through video chat applications, in addition to various business meetings that allow remote work.

You can also access these features via Facetime on Monterey and TvOS 15 as well.


New Facetime Improvements in iOS 15

SharePlay has been delayed, so the feature was not released with the official versions of iOS 15.

It has also been removed from the latest beta versions of the system, but that does not mean that it will not be released at all.

Apple promises to launch the feature later through upcoming updates, and this feature allows you to share what you’re watching with other users.

With Facetime chats directly without having to leave them, you can also share music tracks and share your entire screen.

This feature allows you to watch content with those you are talking to and control play and pause on your phone.

But you must use apps supported by the feature, and Apple announced that it intends to support more streaming and streaming services via this feature later.

Share Facetime conversation with Android phones

New Facetime Improvements in iOS 15

This feature is one of Apple’s surprises, as the company allows Android and Windows users to access Facetime conversations.

This feature works in a similar way to sending a Zoom or Google Meet link to other users.

This feature also allows you to schedule Facetime conversations through the Apple Calendar application, directly through the application interface.

Surround sound feature

become an app Facetime In iOS 15, it supports the new surround sound feature, which is useful when conducting large group conversations.

This feature distributes the sound to be emitted from different places where the sound comes from.

So if someone is talking from behind the main person in the conversation, you feel like the voice is coming from behind.

You need an iPhone older than the XS generation to use this feature.

Conversational participants view

New Facetime Improvements in iOS 15

Facetime displays the conversation participants in a grid mode, showing a group of adjacent boxes containing pictures of the speakers.

This feature is suitable for those who use Facetime in meetings and want to see everyone together.

Background isolation in Facetime

Now you can Background isolation in Facetime Blur it, which means it looks like a normal Portrait.

You also need a newer iPhone XS to be able to use it.

Facetime’s new microphone modes

You can now use the microphone in a new set of modes that ensures you Isolate background noise Or move all sounds or the usual mode unchanged.

Optical zoom via the rear camera

You can use the rear camera to zoom in on things in front of you if you wish.

This feature works via the rear camera only, and your phone’s camera must support optical zoom as well.


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