Nermin El-Feki sheds light on an Egyptian family issue in the series


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The artist contracted Nermin El-Fiky On the starring of a story entitled “A Margin”, written by Amani Al-Tunsi and directed by Ahmed Shafik, from the second season of the series “Except I”, which is shown on the DMC channel, and the story sheds light on an important and thorny issue, which is the end of the custody period for children with the Egyptian mother.
It is reported that the DMC channel showed the first stories of the series, which is “Beit Ezz”, starring Sahar Al Sayegh Rushdi El Shamy, Essam El Sakka, Tamer Nabil, Safaa El Toukhi, Salwa Mohamed Ali, directed by Ahmed Yousra, began showing the second story, which is “With Paper and Pen,” starring Yousra El Lozy, Ali El Tayeb, Nour Mahmoud, Imad Rashad, Hussein El Gendy, written by Amin Jamal and directed by Mohamed Bakir.
The makers of the series continue to film the scenes of the third story, which bears the name “Without Guarantee” starring Hanadi Muhanna, Hajar Ahmed, Ahmed Badir, Islam Jamal, Ahmed Kishk, Salwa Othman, Gala Hashem, Kira Al-Sabah, Hanan Suleiman and a number of other young artists, a script and dialogue by Youssef Waguih. Directed by Yasmine Ahmed Kamel.
It is noteworthy that Nermin El-Fiqi participated in two series during the month of Ramadan, “Dil Ragel” with Yasser Jalal, Lebanese Nour, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Rana Rais, Mohamed Adel, Mohamed Ali Rizk, directed by Ahmed Saleh, and “Al-Nimr” with Mohamed Imam, Hana Al-Zahid, Mohamed Riad, Bayoumi Fouad and Ahmed Halawa. Directed by Sherine Adel.

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