NASA warns .. an asteroid the size of “Big Ben” and at a crazy speed is heading to Earth


The US Space Agency (NASA) warned that a huge asteroid is approaching Earth, and described its size as being larger than the “Big Ben” clock in London, and it is traveling at a tremendous speed of 80,000 km per hour.

NASA confirmed that the asteroid, which is heading at a rocket speed, will collide with Earth’s orbit on Monday evening, but it excludes its impact on the surface of the planet.

The distance of the asteroid was measured at about 7 lunar distances (trips to the moon and back), and it will have a significant impact if it actually hits the planet.

More than 100 tons of small space rocks or other space debris hit Earth’s orbit every day, but they are much smaller than this asteroid, some of which are only a few meters wide.

Astronomers say that anything smaller than the average size of a car burns in the atmosphere and is not considered a threat to the planet.

NASA believes that every 2,000 years or so, a meteor the size of a football field will likely travel through the atmosphere and wreak havoc on Earth.

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