Nancy Ajram thanks her followers for their support and messages from the heart


The Lebanese actress thankedNancy AjramFor their support for her, the beautiful words she received, and the praises of her and all her work, especially her concertUnlimited hope​. And Nancy wrote on her official page on a social networking site: “Thank you for every sweet word and every message from the heart. Our hope is great, and there is no better limit for Bakra.”
She added: “For everyone who could not follow the concert, they met exclusively on my official YouTube channel, I love you so much.”
Nancy wanted to bring the Arab world back with her, and to draw a smile on people’s faces, through a solo musical performance that she presented on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr.
It is a celebration of life, a message of love and medicine for the wounds that afflicted the Arab world and the world as a result of the outbreak of “Corona Virus“. In the first part, Nancy presented “My Heart, My Heart” and “I am attached to you”.
In the second part, which Nancy called the word “Farah,” she sang her song full of hope and love, “The World is Sweet,” and sang “Thinking of What” and “Do not come here” with messages in various dialects of the Arab world, voiced by adults and children, that this stage will pass, and love and joy will return and all Something back to the way it was.
Nancy concluded the ceremony with a message of hope and peace to the whole world and sang “Ya Ghaly Ali”, “Dreams of Girls” and “We Want to Love the Air”.


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