Najib Mikati to CNN: Lebanon is waiting for the help of the Arab “big brother”, but Hezbollah “cannot be bypassed”


Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (CNN)– The Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, said that the new Lebanese government is waiting for the Arab “big brother” to help it during the economic and social crisis in the country, while considering that Hezbollah “cannot be bypassed.”

“Lebanon is a small country in the Arab world, and we are looking for the older brother from all Arab countries to come and take our hand and get Lebanon out of this mess,” Miqmati told CNN anchor Becky Anderson, Friday, in his first interview with an international media since the formation of the government.

He added, “A stable Lebanon will benefit the entire Arab world.”

In response to a question about the presence of Hezbollah allies in his government, Mikati said that he is not forced to accept the presence of an armed and political group within his government.

Mikati explained: “Hezbollah as a political party is present in Lebanon… I cannot bypass this party.”

Mikati said that the Arab countries have not yet contacted him since the formation of his government last week, but he is still optimistic that he will get a “positive response.”

The Lebanese Prime Minister-designate indicated that he had received a few calls from members of the US administration and they were all supporting his government, but Biden did not contact him.

On Thursday, Hezbollah displayed tankers full of Iranian fuel in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley in defiance of US sanctions, while Mikati denied the Lebanese government’s approval to ship the fuel.

He said, “The Lebanese government did not agree to this…so I don’t think the Lebanese government will be subject to any sanctions.”


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