Naglaa Badr announces the impossibility of having children… and reveals the secret


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The Egyptian actress, Naglaa Badr, announced the impossibility of having children, denying that the reason behind this was a “congenital defect”.

She confirmed in statements to “Fuchsia” that her late marriage at the age of 42 reduced her chances of conceiving.
She added that after she got married, she discovered that her remaining eggs were not suitable for reproduction or were not fully mature.

In this regard, advised Naglaa Badr All girls should not delay in the age of marriage so as not to miss the opportunity to have children and satisfy their maternal instinct.

While the Egyptian actress indicated that there are medical solutions to her condition, she stressed that it could result in an unhealthy child, as well as that it would expose her body to other risks.

She added that she turned away from the idea of ​​having children because she was ready to live on a journey in search of something that God Almighty had not written for her.

Naglaa Badr has been married to an Egyptian businessman, Mohamed Afifi, since 2016.

She stated in a television interview with her in 2017, that he was there A marriage project that brought them together with the Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir.

Badr said that Munir asked to marry her, when she called him to set up a television interview with him, and asked her to quit work after marriage, but only four days before their marriage contract, he completely disappeared and turned off his phone.

Naglaa Badr continued that after a long time, Muhammad Munir responded to her, and told her that he did not want to wrong her with him, and that there was a big difference in age between them, so that she was very shocked at the time.

However, Naglaa Badr confirmed that she forgave Muhammad Munir for evading her marriage, and expressed his annoyance to her, after she disclosed the news of her marriage to the Egyptian media, Amr Al-Leithi.

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