Nadine Njeim’s photo with an Israeli hairstylist is causing an uproar! (a witness)


Activists and artistic accounts circulated on social media, a picture of the Lebanese artist Nadine Njeim, next to the Israeli hairdresser Ido Ravel.

(residency taxes in the UAE)

In the photo, Nadine Njeim appears standing next to Israeli Edo Ravel, wearing an orange jacket, revealing her chest, showing off her hair and makeup, and smiling.

Nadine was subjected to a wide attack from the photo circulators, so it came in the comments: (It is all printed, so I ask her for an excuse because she obtained permanent residence in the Emirates, so she is forced to comply with the system of her state).


Another agreed with him, saying: (Golden residence taxes in the Emirates).

And she wrote a tweet: (Nadine sold the case).

Another saw that all artists are on this approach, and wrote: (By God, I mean the artists are concerned with the Palestinian cause, their only concern is money and fame).

There is no official picture!

But by searching Nadine Njeim’s accounts, Watan did not find anything confirming or denying that the photo was real, as well as in the account of hairdresser Ido Ravel, but both are currently in the UAE.

Nadine is in Dubai, where she posted pictures of the SLS Hotel, thanking its management for their good services and reception.

The Israeli hairdresser is in Dubai, according to the latest photo he also posted on his account on (Instagram), and wrote on it: (Advanced lessons in Dubai are coming, book your place now).

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Nadine Njeim and her boyfriend in an inappropriate situation!

And Nadine Njeim was previously attacked a few weeks ago, after circulating a video of her that contained indecent scenes with her boyfriend.

Nadine Njeim appeared in the circulating video, accompanied by her boyfriend, in one of the mountainous tourist places in the Faqra region in Lebanon.

Nadine was dancing in a bikini with her boyfriend, who approached her and put his hand on a sensitive area of ​​her body, which sparked a wave of anger against her, especially in light of the tragedy that Lebanon is experiencing after the explosion of a petrol tanker in Akkar.

For her part, Nadine did not comment on the video at the time, and continued to celebrate the success of the first episodes of her new series (Zahra Salon), which also exposed her to the attack as it coincided with the Akkar tragedy.

In another context, Nadine Njeim broke into the Tik Tok application a few days ago, performing dance moves to the tune of a foreign (rap) song.

Nadine Njeim appeared in the video circulated by activists on social media, wearing jeans, a meat-colored T-shirt underneath, and a loose-fitting shirt.

The Lebanese singer danced to the tunes of the song Savage, by American rapper Megan the Stallion.

But Nadine did not like most of the followers, who saw that she was not close to the heart, even in her dance, and demanded that she focus on acting only.

(flower salon)

Nadine Njeim topped the search engines two weeks ago, after showing the first episodes of her series (Zahra Salon), through the Shahid VIP platform, and revealing his story.

Nadine Njeim said that she embodies the role of (Zahra), a young woman whose difficult circumstances made her rebellious and cruel, supporting women.

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And Nadine continued in a press release issued by the group MBC Egypt: (The work belongs to the category of black comedy, Zahra and the women who work with her in the salon, are exposed to funny situations, with human and social dimensions).

And the Lebanese star added: (We discover the story of this young woman with her environment and her father (Nicolas Daniel), her sister (Anju Rihan) and her husband (Fadi Abi Samra), and we understand why we see her as rebellious and cruel, and why she chose not to marry, and we discover the reasons for her resistance to defending women.

Not 30 episodes!

Nadine Njeim indicated that she had been thinking of a similar project for several years with producer Sadiq Al-Sabah, and she hopes to embody a character that resembles ordinary people, provided that the events take place in a women’s salon, within a work that is not without comedy.

Regarding the relationship with Mutasem Al-Nahar, Nadine says: (Anas enters the neighborhood under certain circumstances, and when he met Zahra, one of them felt for the other certain incomprehensible feelings, and we see how the features of this relationship change during 15 episodes).

And the series (Zahra Salon) is not 30 episodes, and about that, Nadine said: (The story sometimes cannot bear 30 episodes, and in fact, I prefer short series that do not exceed 10 or 15 episodes and are presented within seasons).

Zahra Salon tells the stories of women through this place that women resort to as a safe haven, not only for cosmetic purposes, but also to share their concerns, emotional and marital problems as well.

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