Nadine Al-Rassi reveals the secret of Nadine Nassib Njeim, Muhammad Ramadan and Shawq Al-Hadi with a controversial dance


Art Brief is a quick bulletin of the most prominent Lebanese and Middle Eastern news

Nadine Al Rassireveal a secret aboutNadine Nassib Njeim

Mohamed RamadanوThe longing of the HadiAn exciting dance that topped social media

Model of the dayShe is ridiculed after she presented a singing link.. and the followers: “Her voice is discord.”

Watch the surprise that Habiba attendedWael Kfouryhim on his birthday

special – motherOmar Tariq Al-ArianThe facts of his beating incident are hidden, and “art” reveals the details

The latest appearance of a daughterdreamsThe Elder Fatima..and her beauty catches the eye


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