My goal sterility and boos .. a disastrous start for Griezmann with Atletico Madrid

12 Griezmann continues his lackluster performances in the Rokhi Blancos shirt

imageAntoine Griezmann in the Atletico Madrid shirt. Source: AFP

Madrid (AFP) – 18/09/2021 . 22:15

Griezmann fails to hit the net again

  • The French striker continues to fast from scoring goals.
  • Atletico Madrid fail to win against Bilbao.
  • Simeone is unable to find the appropriate offensive combination.

continue Atletico Madrid his performance the faint offensive suffice in a draw للمرة the second During four days On his land, وقلك Before Athletic Bilbao from Without Goals, within competitions round Fifth from league Hispanic.

وشدت the match performance disappointing new for the attacker French Antoine Griezmann, والذي inability About Visit the net Ago his return for classes Al-Rukhi Blancos coming from Barcelona.

ودخل Atletico to me Meeting and he share lead With Rial Madrid and Valencia, لكنه dedicate one the two teams an opportunity golden to get past it in a lead When they face evening Sunday On Stadium the last one in a Mestalla.

My goal sterility and boos .. a disastrous start for Griezmann with Atletico Madrid
Argentine coach Diego Simeone. Source: Reuters

ويد This tie he is The second For Atlético in a four days distance equalize it evening Wednesday Before Porto Portuguese in a Cyclic Champions Europe negative also, and he what sheds the light On inability the coach Argentinian Diego Simeone Even the moment On create Formula offensive Convenience despite Existence many from Names illustrious in a Line anterior.

as that it He was may be enough by point the match against Competition Villarreal also the week the past in a league the local equalize with him 2-2.

Griezmann faces a disastrous start with Atletico Madrid

and why can

return On way loan to me the team distance his move Previously to me Barcelona, Register again in a his match the third With the team Ago his return.

as Face player whistles booing from side supporters his team in a the match against Porto in a Cyclic heroes, before that replace in a the half The second attacker Barcelona the previous Uruguayan Louise Suarez.

My goal sterility and boos .. a disastrous start for Griezmann with Atletico Madrid
The French striker has not yet performed as expected. Source: AFP

The revelation Griezmann best opportunity distance 57 a second from Starting the match but his ball مرّت Above goal, before that Try Once Other Effect pass cross لكنه did not Manage from Register.

وتحدث the coach Argentinian Diego Simeone About performance his team offensive, where He said in a statements highlighted an agency France press“: ”I have trust divorced with my team, وسوف we work from Yes Benefit bigger Qadr Maybe from Names that we have it to me that blade to me what we aspire mechanism, and he registration Objectives“.

Lamb battalion offensive that available Lydia, والمكونة from Antoine Griezmann Willis Suarez وجواو Felix, achieved the team Madrid 7 Goals Only During 5 matches fought it in a season league Hispanic Even right Now.


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