Muhammad Henedy explains the reason for his retirement from acting and the tendency to sing at popular weddings?


9 minutes ago

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London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Henedy, clarified the post he wrote on his Twitter account, about his retirement from acting and the direction of singing at popular weddings.

Henedy told Egyptian media that “this publication is nothing more than a joke with his audience,” but he returned and blew up a surprise by announcing that the idea of ​​the post is due to his preparation for a new theatrical championship directed by Khaled Galal, and he will appear in it as a popular singer according to its events.

The Egyptian artist raised a state of controversy, on Saturday, after announcing his retirement from acting, and his tendency to sing at popular weddings, according to a post he wrote on Twitter, before confirming that what happened was just a joke with his fans.


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