Mohamed Ramadan is preparing for a new song.. Hani Shaker vows: “No one is above the law.”


Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan revealed his preparations for a new song in which he collaborates with Algerian rapper Solking Brook.

ونشر Mohamed Ramadan He took pictures with Solking Brook on his own account on the social networking site, and commented on it, saying: “Soon MR 1 & SOOLKING.”

On the other hand, the captain of the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, artist Hani Shaker, stated that no concert will be held in Egypt without being accompanied by a singing group consisting of at least 8 musicians.

Hani Shaker confirmed that this decision will benefit the singers, the union and the musicians.

Regarding the concerts of Muhammad Ramadan, which are held without musicians, Shaker explained that “no one is above the law,” and that any concert for any singer or artist, no matter how high they are, will not be held without a singing group, and whoever violates this decision will be punished by the union, as happened with the artist Ahmed Saad, who was fined 20,000 Egyptian pounds for taking only 4 musicians to his concert, and if he sings Ramadan without a band, the law will be applied to him.

Shaker had made it clear in statements to Egyptian media that festivals artist Hassan Shakoush would not have a new place in the syndicate after his problem and his abuse of percussionists.

A decision was issued against Shakush to withdraw his annual singing permit, and although he submitted a grievance to the decision to the Syndicate Council, the council has not yet discussed that grievance, especially since there is a large group among members who reject the idea of ​​his presence among them in the syndicate, which includes more than 20,000 musicians.


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