Mohamed Henedy sends a message to Van Dam: “You will win the invitations of the Egyptians.” picture


The artist, Mohamed Henedy, continued to send his messages to the international star Jean-Claude Van Damme, after the challenge that began between them a few days ago, through the social networking site “Facebook”.

Mohamed Henedy, on his Facebook page, posted a picture of Van Damme and commented on it: “The legend Van Damme.. a world star that we all loved.. A large generation of young people have been raised by your films and have known foreign films and action because of your films.”

Henedy added: “All of Egypt welcomes you and is waiting for you.. All Egyptians will encourage the strongest, fiercest and most dangerous side.. And this is certainly not me, but I will win the Egyptians’ invitations, the oil is there, and the good of our Lord is a lot.”

A competition had erupted during the past hours, between artist Mohamed Henedy and international star Van Damme, on social media, in a challenge to a match between them at the foot of the pyramids.

The start of the Henedy and Van Dam challenge

The story began when a photo spread on the social networking site “Facebook” that brought together Jean-Claude Van Damme, Jackie Chan, and Sharu Khan, described as an image that radiates unlimited luxury. Henedy responded by publishing a photo with Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed El Sakka, and the late Alaa Wali El Din, saying : “An image that shines brighter.”

The international artist responded to the image of the great artist, saying: “Get ready for the combat challenge, right, Mr. Sharqawi,” in which he alluded to the character of Muhyi Al-Sharqawi in the movie “The Great Bean of China.”

After that, Mohamed Henedy invited the international artist to enter a combat challenge through a sarcastic post, using a picture of him as a macho from one of the scenes of the movie “The Great Bean of China” and next to it a picture of Van Dam during one of the artworks.

He commented on her: “I’m still on my word.. a match without laws.. in a cage of Hell-in-Cell.. on one condition.. your two hands remain tied.”

And the comedic battle ignited, when Van Damme commented on Henedy’s challenge, saying: “I received an invitation to fight the greatest comedian in the Middle East… What do you all think, should I accept the challenge?”

As he replied Henedy He said: “We are men who came from the bottom of Hell and formed us, and we will bring him back again.” Van Damme mocked him with a picture from his movie “Wish Crime” accompanied by a comment: “How dangerous is Mr. Henedy.”


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