Mobile applications: can they contribute to the treatment of chronic diseases?


  • Maddy Savage
  • Journalist


picture released, EWA-LENA RASMUSSON

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Eva Lina Rasmussen was suffering from knee pain

From getting out of bed with difficulty, to continuing to do exercises, Eva Lena Rasmussen’s condition has changed during the epidemic.

The 55-year-old Swede credits the switch to a Swedish app that offers tailored exercises to help those with joint pain.

Every day, the app sends Rasmussen a reminder to do a five-minute series of exercises, such as squats and leg raises.

Explanatory videos provided by the application ensure that its users understand how to perform the exercises correctly, as well as the appropriateness of the exercises with the amount of pain the user suffers according to the latter’s answers to questions in this regard.


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