Microsoft announces the launch date of Microsoft Office 2021


Microsoft reveals the launch date of Microsoft Office 2021

A while ago, we learned through leaks, as well as Microsoft’s assertions at a later time, that the company is developing the new office package Microsoft Office 2021, which coincides with the emergence of the new Windows 11 operating system, and in this context, the company revealed the date of its launch for its office package.

And Microsoft has announced that Microsoft Office 2021 will take place on the fifth of next October, that is, the same day that the company will launch its new operating system, Windows 11, and according to the specialized Engadget site, Microsoft promised to share more details about Office 2021 soon.


Previous reports indicate that the release will contain many of the same improvements found in Office LTSC, a type of software the company released today for enterprise customers who can access the cloud. Among other improvements, according to Engadget, there is accessibility and dark mode support. . All indications are that Microsoft plans to support the software for at least five years, and that the software will work with 32-bit and 64-bit systems out of the box.

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