Mexican boxer dies after match in Canada


Mexican boxer Janet Zapata has died at the age of 18, after she was knocked out by her opponent during a match in Canada.

“Sky News” said that the knockout blow that Zapata suffered from her opponent, Marie-Pierre Hall, 5 days ago in Montreal, seriously injured her.

Zapata was injured in the fourth round of the match, and after receiving the blow, the Mexican young woman began to have convulsions while standing on the ring, so her coach and the medical team rushed towards her, but she fell to the ground and was immediately taken to hospital.Boxing promoter Yvonne Michel later announced the news of Zapata’s death as a result of her injury, and said in a statement: “It is with great sadness and sorrow that we learn, from her family, that Janet Zacharias Zapata passed away this afternoon, at 3:45 pm.”

Holly, the player who caused Zapata’s death, expressed her sadness at the news of the death, saying on her account on the Instagram application: “Boxing involves a lot of risks and dangers.”

Holly stressed that this is the job and passion of boxing players, but she never intended to seriously harm the opponent, and Holly offered her deepest condolences to her family and her husband, Giovanni Martinez.


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