Maya Diab with a strange “Cowboy” look (photo)


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A completely new style that the artist Maya Diab appeared in promoting her new song, “Welcome”, which is scheduled to be released soon, closely to “Cow Boy”, using the famous Cowboy card, and she chose a colorful dress with her.

Maya Diab’s look

Maya Diab, as usual, loves to appear in different looks from her, and she wore a dress with large, red roses, and a mixture of red, green and baby blue colors.

A large number of Maya Diab’s fans interacted with her through likes and comments, among them, “The look is amazing and new.”

Maya Diab raises controversy before the strange look

The artist, Maya Diab, raised controversy twice, the first by appearing through the “Story” feature, on the Instagram photo and video sharing site, during her summer vacation on a beach, and she appeared while she was eating the shrimp that she took out of the water while she was alive, where she plunged into it and ate it without cooking. Live on the live, and this was part of a group of videos published by Maya Diab during her vacation.

At the beginning of the videos, Maya Diab appeared, watching the shrimp and small shrimp, then catching them with a small knife and placing them inside a plastic cup, before eating them alive with her hands.

As for the second time, Maya Diab appeared while driving a “scooter”, and then suddenly fell directly from it, strangely, within the scenes of filming a concert that was shown by “MTV”, while Maya Diab commented on the video accompanied by a clip of her song “The Sweetest Talk”. She said filming was fun and painful.

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