Maryam Hussein announces for the first time: I am Ashqana .. and sends a message to Asala


(MENAFN – Khaberni) Khaberni – The artist, Maryam Hussein, said that she feels today that she is a more mature woman, both internally and psychologically, as she has become more able to control her nerves and reactions, and how she deals with the prevailing circumstances, as she was previously contentious and controversial. And Maryam Hussein announced for the first time that she was living a love story, refusing to reveal the identity of her lover, and stressing that she had made a decision to keep her private life out of the limelight.

She said, “I have been in Lebanon for months to prepare for my new program, and I am also putting my final touches on two songs that I will release soon, and for the third reason I will keep it for myself.” Maryam Hussein indicated that she had learned how to strengthen her faith, stressing that one should not think too much about the issue of the eye and envy. In the same context, Moroccan artist Maryam Hussein topped the search indicators on “Google” after she appeared in a video clip, singing with her stomach swollen.

Maryam Hussein appeared in the video, singing and dancing to the rhythms of the famous Italian song “Bella Ciao” to clearly highlight her stomach, which prompted many to suggest that she is pregnant with her second child, after she announced a while ago that she was ready to marry, but she has not revealed the identity of her husband so far. The video above shows the interview that Fuchsia conducted with the artist, Maryam Hussein, during her birthday celebration in Lebanon, on a yacht in the Marina area in Dbayeh, in the presence of a number of her family and close friends.


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