Marwa Ratib responds strongly to the Kuwaiti fashionista, Venice, after she mocked her appearance


Tensions increased between the artist of Syrian origin residing in the UAE, Marwa Ratib, and the Kuwaiti fashionista Phenicia, known as “Umm Rayan”, against the background of the latter’s mockery of the form of “Ratib” after she underwent a plastic surgery in her buttocks area.

Marwa Ratib went out in a video clip through her account on “Snapchat” to respond to the fashionista Venice, who mocked her appearance, denouncing her behavior towards her, especially since Venice suffered a lot from “bullying”.

The Syrian artist said in her speech that she was silent about being bullied over the past period by the pioneers of social networking sites, against the background of the remarkable shape of the bend of her buttocks after undergoing a plastic surgery, but that “bullying” Venice pushed her to come out and respond, because the Kuwaiti fashionista had previously attacked “Bullying”

She added, “Venice repeatedly claimed her suffering and depression from bullying, until she reached the stage of suicide, but she nevertheless bullied others.”

And she continued: “You are preventing people from bullying, I mean, you are fighting the culture of bullying among people, but you are reviving it again and encouraging people to bully and laugh, which you please with people, please him with a violet, because the world revolves, and as you condemn, you cut the world and put it to a single broadcast. Mubasher she said in good faith my friend the slave, how did a slave say, say Samra, do not say a slave, you are the most upset and sensitive person if someone is upset, Samra Long.. the most person you will die if someone is bald and you are bald (..) You are the person who suffers the most from bullying, But what was discovered by Eng, you suffer from bullying when the issue is fraught, but you are normal to infiltrate Gerg’s space and privacy and bully him.”

The fashionista Phenicia had participated in a “bullying” campaign against Marwa Ratib’s recent appearance through her accounts on social media, where she posted a picture of her after she stuffed her buttocks area to simulate the appearance of “Ratib” in a sarcastic manner, and also put a picture in her account in “Snapchat” on The shape of a door with curves in imitation of the appearance of the Syrian artist.

2021-09-IMG_3043-1 2021-09-IMG_3042-1

“Umm Rayan” did not comment on Marwa Ratib’s response to her, while the latter published several photos taken from the comments of followers defending her.

2021-09-IMG_3041 2021-09-IMG_3040 2021-09-IMG_3039

And the Kuwaiti fashionista had previously been bullied by followers, as she got agitated two days ago and in a live broadcast through her account in “Snapchat” on a girl who said in her speech while showing paintings in Venice, “This will be amazed because my sister-in-law liked it..” And she boycotted Venice The girl to denounce her pronunciation, indicating that she should use the term “samra” and not “slave,” stressing that “everyone is God’s slaves.”


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