Mai Al-Aidan attacks Shawq Al-Hadi after her dance with Muhammad Ramadan: She is not Kuwaiti


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Kuwaiti media attacked May Al-Aidan, the artist The longing of the Hadi Because of the video clip in which she appeared dancing with the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, in clothes that some considered daring.

Mai Al-Aidan attacks Shawq Al-Hadi

و .عادت May Al-Aidan The video clip, which was circulated by the pioneers of social networking sites through her personal account on the Instagram application, commented on him attacking everyone who defends her.

May Al-Aidan said, commenting on the video: “Praise be to God, you are not Kuwaiti. The late Badr Al-Mas believed every word he said about you. He who comes out to defend her is like her and settles like her.”

Mai Al-Aidan’s post caused a state of controversy among followers after she questioned the nationality of Shawq Al-Hadi, and the pioneers of social networking sites questioned her nationality.

Comments came to Mai Al-Aidan: “What do you mean by words, praise be to God, you are not a Kuwaiti woman,” and another commented, “Halima Boland, see what she wore, Sarah Al-Kandari, Fatima Al-Safi and others..!!

Shawq Al-Hadi had previously announced in her dialogue with Mahira Abdel Aziz that she is without illusion a population group living in Kuwait that does not hold Kuwaiti nationality or the nationality of other countries..

Shawq Al-Hadi continued in her dialogue that her father is a Bidoon of Iraqi origin and left for his country when he was five years old.

Longing Hadi dance with Mohamed Ramadan

lit the artist The longing of the Hadi Social media platforms dance with Mohamed RamadanAnd a number of users of the communication platforms shared a video clip of the Kuwaiti artist dancing with the Egyptian star, and she also published on her personal account a set of pictures that she commented on with words that exposed her to widespread criticism because of her appearance that angered some..

And publication The longing of the Hadi A group of photos through her personal account, as she takes memorial photos of her meeting with the Egyptian artist during one of the events, and sparked controversy with her appearance and her dress, which some likened to a “nightgown”.“.

As soon as the video clip was circulated, Shawq Al-Hadi was subjected to sharp criticism from her followers, who accused her of being too bold, especially with her look, in which she relied on bold makeup and a black dress with thin straps..

Shawq Al Hadi’s view

longing Hadi dance He is not the only one who subjected her to sharp criticism, but the Kuwaiti artist raised controversy with her appearance that provoked the followers and considered that she was wearing a sleep shirt, and what increased the boldness of the dress was the hairstyle of Shawq Al-Hadi and her story. The dress she was wearing most clearly.


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