Magda El Roumi passes out at Jerash Theater.. Who are the winners of the Emmy Award 2021?


Last update: 25 – September – 2021 9:55 pm

The singer Magda El Roumi appeared to her fans at the first concerts of Jerash Festival 2021, and she performed a bouquet of her most beautiful old and new songs.

In the midst of this enthusiasm and interaction, specifically after her ninth song and more than an hour of the concert, Magda El Roumi fainted due to a sharp drop in sugar, to leave the stage surrounded by her escorts and musicians, and then return to complete this special night with the audience.

On the impact of the great success he achieved with the song “Te Ra Ra”, which garnered more than 60 million views, the artist Bashar Al-Jawad returned with a new song entitled “Bal Al Qalb” in cooperation with the company “Universal Music MENA”.

“Bil Qalb” is a Lebanese song filled with life, joy and positivity. It is written and composed by Fadel Suleiman, and arranged by Omar Sabbagh. As for the clip, it was signed by director Elie Samaan.

After a treatment trip in Switzerland, specifically in Geneva, during which she underwent more than one surgery, Yasmine Abdel Aziz returned to Egypt after recovering from a health illness that lasted about 4 months.

Yasmine had reassured her fans about her in a post she shared on the private social media and said: “My dear audience in Egypt and the Arab world, I miss you very much, thank God, I stayed well and recovered, thank God I want you to be reassured.

Amr Diab shared with his followers news about his preparation for a new song, “Aishni”, which he will release in the coming days. Amr did not reveal the song’s team, but Tamer Hussein was the one who revealed that he is the author of the song, as he wrote on Instagram: “Song number 56 in my journey with my teacher, teacher and dear friend, the legend. Amr Diab is preparing to perform a huge concert in Aqaba, Jordan, in mid-October.

The Lebanese singer Elissa chose the first two songs from her upcoming album, which will see the light next year. The first song she chose is Lebanese, written by poet Ali El Mawla and composed by Marwan Khoury, and the second song will be in the Egyptian dialect with Nader Abdullah.

The Emmy Awards were held last Sunday in Los Angeles for 2021. But the event was different this year, as the “Microsoft” theater in the city center hosted a limited number of guests, most notably the nominees for this year’s awards. What is remarkable this year is the nomination of the Egyptian actress, Menna Shalaby, for the Emmy Award for the series “Every Week on a Friday.” She is the first Egyptian woman to be nominated for this award.
The main winners are:
Best Actor: Jason Sedekis – “Ted Lasso”
Best Supporting Actor: Brett Goldstein – “Ted Lasso”
Best Supporting Actress: Hannah Wudingham – “Ted Lasso”
Best Actress: Jane Smart – “Hacks”
Best Director: Lucia Agnello – “Hacks”
Best Supporting Actress: Gillian Anderson – “The Crown”
Best Screenplay: Peter Morgan – “The Crown”
Best Supporting Actress: Julian Nicholson – “Mayer of East Town”
Best Director: Scott Frank – “The Queen’s Gambit”


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