Legal for “Okaz”: Begging for money through platforms is prohibited.. No deportation for the Saudi husband – Saudi News


With the issuance of the begging system, begging for money through social media platforms is prohibited for whatever reasons, and the penalty for begging is up to 6 months in prison and a fine of 50,000 riyals with the deportation of non-Saudis. The task of applying it to the Ministries of Interior and Human Resources.Lawyer Kholoud Al-Ahmadi confirmed to Okaz that the new beggary system stipulated the deportation of non-Saudis, except for the Saudi wife or Saudi husband and her children. The regime considered begging for money through social media platforms a beggary, while the regime described the beggary as anyone who was arrested for the second or more time.

She said that the new beggary system described beggary as a person who begs to obtain the money of others for free or for an unintended consideration in and of itself, in cash or in kind, directly or indirectly, in public places or private shops, or in the means of technology and modern communication, or by any means whatsoever. Al-Ahmadi indicated that the beggary system was not limited to traditional begging as it was previously, pointing out that the second article of the beggary system prohibited all forms and forms of begging and stipulated that anyone who engages in begging or incites others or agrees with him or helps him in any way to practice begging shall be imprisoned for a period of time. Not exceeding 6 months or a fine of not more than 50,000 riyals or both, while the penalty is doubled if the practice of beggary is associated with an organized group, so that the penalty becomes imprisonment for a year or a fine of 100,000 or both with the expulsion of non-Saudis except for the wife of the Saudi or The Saudi husband and her children, and the penalty may be doubled in the event of return, not exceeding twice the maximum limit set for it, and the cash and in-kind funds obtained from beggary shall be confiscated by a court ruling. If the funds cannot be seized, a fine equivalent to its value is imposed.


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