Lebleba reveals her relationship with the marriage of Dalal Abdel Aziz and Samir Ghanem


The Egyptian artist, Lebleba, revealed her great contribution to the marriage of the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, to the late comedian Samir Ghanem, where she had previously worked with the late in one of the films, and this artistic cooperation resulted in a friendship relationship based on satisfaction, friendliness and love, which made Dalal Abdel Al-Aziz opens her heart to confusion, and talks to her about her great love for Samir Ghanem.

Lebleba said, “Dalal was aware that I was working with Samir in the movie” Buss, see sugar, what are you doing?’ She asked me, “Do you see Samir?” Samir is very much and I want him to marry me, and I do not know why he refused the idea of ​​marriage, I work with him in a theater show and my heart loves him very much.” According to Sky News Arabia.

Lebleba explained that after she listened to Dalal Abdel Aziz, she promised her that she would talk to him about this issue when he saw him in the morning.

And she continued to Blula: “Indeed, I spoke with the late Samir Ghanem, telling him, “Samir I want to talk to you about a personal matter and forgive me for interfering in something that is not my right. I work with Dalal, who is the princess of princes and a sincere Egyptian woman, and the opportunity will not be repeated and true love will not come.” Except once, Dalal is very sincere in your love, a respectable lady, and a good character.”

She added: “Samir responded to my request that the idea of ​​marriage is not in his calculations, as he focuses on his art and work only, so I asked him to think a lot because he would not find better than Dalal, and a few months later the two got married.”

Lebleba pointed out that Dalal did not forget her contribution to their marriage, and she always said to her: “Do you remember, Noni, that you contributed to my marriage to Samir, and you were the reason that God would honor me with two gifts, Donia and Emmy.”

The pioneers of social networking sites were keen to commemorate the fortieth day of the departure of the Egyptian actress, Dalal Abdel Aziz, who died after a struggle with illness, after being infected with the new Corona virus, at the age of 61.

The story of love and the connection between Dalal Abdel Aziz and her husband, artist Samir Ghanem, remains one of the most famous love stories in the Egyptian and Arab artistic community, despite the age difference between them, and Ghanem’s many attempts to refuse to marry her.



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