Leaked a picture of Yasser Al-Azma without his wig!!


Social media pioneers shared a leaked photo of the Syrian actorYasser Al-AzmaWithout the wig he used to wear. Followers suggested that the image was installed on the Photoshop program and was not related to Yasser, and the image was widely spread.
And Yasser Al-Azma published memorial photos from the series “Al-Shater and Al-Mashtoor​”, which was launched in 1973 with a group of actors, through his personal page on the social networking site.
Yasser commented on the pictures, saying: “Memorial photos from the series Al-Shater and Al-Mustoor in 73 written by me and directed by the artist friend Salim Sabri, and only one episode was shown from it, and I lost the rest of the episodes during the 73 war.”
Al-Azma added: “In the photos, a group of colleagues and colleagues Bassam Lutfi, Tharaa Debsy, Antoinette Naguib, Nabil Khuzam, Issam Abba Ji, Riyad Shahrour.”


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