Launching an online marketplace for B2B commerce, linking local food suppliers with restaurants and hotels


SupplyMe, the new online marketplace for B2B commerce connecting local food suppliers with restaurants, hotels, cafes, supermarkets and other food service businesses of all sizes, has announced the official launch of its platform in the UAE to help the F&B industry thrive on their journey towards digital transformation and provide Better customer buying experience.

The global value of the B2B sales market is $7.7 trillion, compared to $2.3 trillion in B2C trade. The World Economic Forum estimated the size of the e-commerce market in the UAE for the year 2020 at about $27.2 billion, and financing for e-commerce startups in the Middle East and North Africa region witnessed a growth of 380% in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the second quarter of last year, and an average rate of 380% in the second quarter of 2021. An increase compared to eight deals in the same quarter.

The SupplyMe app, available on Google and Apple stores, focuses on the hotel and restaurant sector, one of the fastest growing sectors in the region. With social distancing making contactless communication the new standard for transactions, online marketplaces are the ideal solution to help this sector streamline its operations and meet the rapidly changing consumption and purchasing patterns.

The SupplyMe platform serves as a one-stop shop to enable suppliers to effectively showcase their products, acquire new customers, facilitate their access to all sales-related activities, simplify the promotion update process, and build flexible pricing models. Most importantly, providing a secure platform to easily manage transactions and payments while reducing reliance on paperwork.

For customers, the SupplyMe platform seeks to improve the e-food market between businesses to simplify and speed up the purchasing process without any phone calls or paper procedures. In stock or by logistics requirements. With the use of smart technological solutions such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, online marketplaces help companies identify buying patterns and recurring orders to facilitate and expedite their efficient completion. Moreover, data analytics in the food and beverage sector offers many advantages, most notably the ability to assess vendors, analyze spending and forecast demand.

During the beta launch phase, the SupplyMe platform has successfully met the requirements of its corporate customers in the UAE, and the company aims over the next twelve months to expand its presence in other GCC countries, especially Saudi Arabia.



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