Lara Al-Hashem reveals the details of the letter threatening Safa to Judge Bitar


Journalist Lara Al-Hashem revealed the details of the case of the threatening message sent by the head of Hezbollah’s coordination unit, Wafiq Safa, to Judge Tariq Al-Bitar.

In an interview with the “Voice of the People” program with the media, Mario Abboud, via “Voice of Beirut International” and “LBCI”, she said: “I am not in a position of justification or accountability, and my credibility is above any consideration.”

She revealed: “I was in the Palace of Justice, specifically at the inspection room, and while waiting for the procedures, Hajj Safa met me and heard that I would accompany Diab’s session.. He carried me a message to President Bitar and asked me to deliver it. When he carried it to me.”

She added: “I delivered the message to President Bitar, who in turn carried me a message to Safa. At 5:25 am, Hajj Safa called me if I transmitted the message, and the response to the message was not, and I informed the discriminatory Public Prosecution of the message’s content, because it is responsible for the legal content of this message.”

And she added: “There are data, communications, surveillance cameras and witnesses, and we are under the roof of the law… But if there was, he should have been questioned, it is not us, but the sender of the message, its recipient.”

She pointed out that “President Bitar has become far ahead in the security aspect of the investigation, and this does not eliminate the aspect related to political neglect… And instead of putting pressure on Bitar, they would have put pressure on the allied countries to respond to the judicial warrants in the case.”


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